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People all over the world enjoy playing baccarat. Since over 200 years ago, it has been one of the most popular casino card games! As players continue to explore various aspects and strategies of the game over the years, countless variations of it have emerged. This includes the relatively recent development of Bonus Blackjack in Canadian online casinos.



The exhilaration stems from the additional money that can be wagered against a player who has been dealt a natural blackjack. Canadian online players who have recently discovered this fantastic variant are playing with greater tension than ever before. Our team of blackjack experts has broken down the Bonus Blackjack casino game and compiled a list of the finest real money sites to play it, including our top pick for 2023, Spin Palace.


On this page, we will investigate:


The fundamental gameplay differences between online Bonus Blackjack and other variations

Locating the finest online casinos in Canada to play it



Like many variations, the Bonus Blackjack game focuses on one aspect of a standard online blackjack game. In this instance, the objective is to be awarded a natural blackjack, which consists of an Ace and ten-value card. Bonus wagers are deposited on the outcome of each hand as it is dealt. Therefore, when Canadians visit an online casino, Bonus Blackjack is frequently their preferred game. Let’s examine the basic flow of a blackjack game and determine where the bonus enters into play.


With the addition of a bonus side wager, this blackjack variant gives online players the blackjack gambling experience they know and love, while adding an additional element of chance.

The Aim

The objective of Bonus Blackjack is identical to that of regular blackjack. It’s a contest between the player and the dealer. The objective of the participant and dealer is to have the hand with the highest value without exceeding 21. The combination of an Ace and a card valued at ten points is known as blackjack, or a “natural.” This combination has priority over all other hands, including other hands with a cumulative value of 21.


How to Play the Game

As in conventional blackjack, the initial wager is made prior to the dealing of the cards. Following this is the bonus. A distinct wager may be placed by players on whether or not they will be dealt blackjack. Following the placement of all wagers, the cards are dealt. The participant is dealt two face-up cards. The dealer is also dealt two cards, one face up and one face down, known as the “hole card.”


If anyone has been dealt blackjack and placed a bonus wager, the teller will now pay out those wagers. After this, all players without blackjack forfeit the hand and a new round commences. If no player has blackjack, play continues as normal.


Now the participant has the following options:


If a participant wishes to play their current hand and receive no additional cards, they “stand.”


If a player’s initial hand contains two cards of the same type, he or she has the option to split these cards into two distinct hands. The player then receives two new cards to complete both hands and decides whether to stand or strike based on the stronger hand. If one of the new hands contains two pairs, the player may choose to divide again. The exception to this rule is a pair of Aces, which may only be divided once and receive only one additional card. When a player selects to split, they are required to make an additional wager.


Double Down occurs when a player wishes to double their initial wager. A participant may double down regardless of the value of the cards in his or her hand. Doubling down is possible either after the first two cards are dealt or after a pair is divided. The penalty for doubling down is hitting exactly once and then standing.


If a participant wishes to receive another card, he or she will “hit.”


As in traditional blackjack, the dealer must strike on a soft 17 in this game. This occurs when a 17-valued hand contains an Ace, which can register as either 1 or 11. Also the same as games with a hole card, when the dealer’s face-up card is a ten-value card or an Ace, they will examine the hole card for blackjack. If the teller has blackjack, they immediately win the hand.


How it Compares to Other Variations

The only true difference in Bonus Blackjack is the bonus side bet option. Many first-time online blackjack participants may find this option unappealing. Why wager on such a specific card combination being dealt? However, slightly more experienced participants will find this added chance game to be exciting. Those who employ card-counting strategies will find it particularly interesting.


The Probabilities and Betting

The wagering procedure in Bonus Blackjack is identical to that of traditional blackjack variations. There is typically a minimum and maximum wager for the house. Typically, the maximum side wager in Bonus Blackjack is significantly less than the maximum house bet. All wagers must be placed before the cards are distributed.


Bonus wager payouts vary from site to site, but the standard payout for a natural blackjack hand is 25 to 1. Some casinos pay an additional bonus of up to 50 to 1 for combinations containing an Ace of Spades or a Jack of Spades. Therefore, when many Canadian gamblers visit an online casino, they play Bonus Blackjack first.


The house margin is comparable to that of the majority of other blackjack variations, typically under 1%. It can be as low as 0.7%, depending on how many platforms the house employs.


Strategy for Beginners

Beginner Strategy Count cards

Those familiar with card counting techniques will want to keep a close watch on the deck when it appears to be replete with Aces and tens. Numerous online casinos only utilize two decks when playing Bonus Blackjack, making card counting considerably more precise.


Be Vigilant

Always take heed of the dealer’s up card; is it a good one? The best cards are 7 through Ace, while the worst are 2 through 6. A decent rule of thumb for playing blackjack is to stand on hands with a value of 17 or higher and to hit on hands with a value of 17 or less. It is also advisable to divide a hand containing two Aces or two 8s. And if you have an Ace in the Bonus Blackjack game, you should likely strike.


The Key Phrase Is: Wallet

It is always a good idea to decide beforehand how much money you are willing to lose, and then adhere to that amount no matter what. You will also need to determine the number of rounds you intend to play (will it be a quick game, or do you intend to remain for a while? ), as well as the amount of money you will need to have in your wallet to last through that many hands. Resist the temptation to linger longer and play. Stick to the original number of hands you intended to play, even if you’re on a winning streak for real money.


Mobile Compatibility

The Bonus Blackjack game is accessible at a number of Canada’s leading real-money mobile casinos. These are compatible with all main operating systems and devices, including iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad), Windows, BlackBerry, and Android (LG, Samsung Galaxy), among others. Simply launch a web browser on your device and navigate to your preferred site from our list of thoroughly reviewed Canadian online casinos. Many of them offer free blackjack applications so that you can access the games immediately.


Bonus Blackjack Online: A Brief Overview

The Bonus Blackjack variation may be the most thrilling and risky of all the versions of the game currently available at online casinos. Canadian players can experience the blackjack game they know and love, with the added excitement of a side bonus wager. Therefore, the next time you visit an online casino, you should play Bonus Blackjack.


Are you willing to give it a shot? Why not take a peek at our list of the best Canadian-friendly sites for playing Bonus Blackjack in 2023 right now?



How is it played?

The game is played identically to a standard blackjack game, with the addition of a side wager before the cards are dealt. This wager is whether the dealer will issue the player a natural blackjack. Depending on the casino, the incentive wager typically pays out at odds of 25 to 1 or higher if it is successful.






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